Konoba Tomić

Valentino Michieli-Tomić Family

The Michieli-Tomić family is one of the oldest families on the island of Brač. The family house is over 800 years old and is located in the very centre of Gornji Humac, in which my family Tomić, a landowner and aristocratic Croatian family, which has its coat of arms, has been living since ancient times. However, in 1672 the Tomić family had only one daughter and had no son. It was the time of Venice in Dalmatia. Michieli was the Doge of Venice and, at the time, a capo – boss in these areas of Dalmatia. Michieli is a noble family, also having its family coat of arms, and coming from a small town near Venice, where only Michieli live. Michieli married or, rather, married off to my great-great-great-grandmother, and by their marriage, these two families united into the Michieli-Tomić family and their family coats of arms merged into one.

Here our ancestors have produced wine for centuries, and during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they produced 5 to 6 wagons (old measure – 1 wagons approximately equal to 60 thousand of litres) of wine that they exported to Vienna. Today we continue the tradition of our ancestors, producing wine in our tavern for the needs of our family and restaurant, i.e. guests. As part of our family home, there are restaurant, guest rooms and suites offering all our local specialties of food and drink.

We are looking forward to your arrival. Discover all the natural and cultural beauties of the island of Brač and enjoy our family home and delicious homemade food and drinks.

The Valentino Michieli-Tomić family is expecting you!

In the heart of the island of Brač