Welcome and enjoy your meal!

Spend Your holliday in Gornji Humac, one of the oldest villages on the island of Brač. The village is situated at the highest point (485 m above sea level) among dalmatian islands. Cool nights are most pleasant and ensure a good night sleep. The beach Zlatni rat in Bol, which is a natural phenomenon is only 12 km away, and with other beaches and villages on the island we are connected by good roads.

The house has nine rooms, each one with a bathroom, toilet, telephone and a satellite system. As part of the house there is a tipical dalmatian konoba (restaurant) and a spacious parking lot. For room and board service, together with breakfast, in the evening we offer You our homemade specialties. Those are all natural homemade food and drinks that we produce ourselves. More about the Room and board... The konoba (restaurant) is part of an 800 years old family house. Konoba is dalmatian for wine cellar.

It really is an old wine cellar with all of it's old and rustical objects and things from ancient times. There You can find an old winepress - turan, large wooden barrels and an old trough for wine fermentation. Wine is being manufactured in all those old barrels and by old principles. In konoba, there is an old oilpress - toć, old stone chest for oil storage, a grindstone - mill for grinding corn, wheat etc., and many other old objects caracteristical for dalmatian konobas.

Our food and wine offer is completely made of our homemade products.


Homemade wines; white and red
Homemade prošek (desert wine)
Homemade brandy; grape brandy; fruit brandy; walnut brandy accompanied with our own dry figs.


Appetizers: homemade pršut (smoked ham),
homemade cheese, salted srdelles, homemade soup, lamb tripes, pasta fažol (pasta with beans)...
Main dishes: lamb, young goat meat, veal, beef, porc, chicken, all home grown; and all kinds of fresh fish right out of our Adriatic sea

All kinds of side dishes: potatoes baked in ash, mangel, olives, scallions, cucombers, tomatos, potato, lettuce... , all grown in our own gardenAnd all of that comes from our Brač garden, and even more interesting is that we offer fresh, warm bread out of an old woodfired oven and for desert there are homemade pastries, caracteristical for the island of Brač. Bon apettit!


Homemade pršut, 0,10 kg - 40,00 kn
Homemade cheese, 0,10 kg - 40,00 kn
Vitalac (type of cheese), 1,00 kg - 200,00 kn
Lamb on barbecue, 1,00 kg - 200,00 kn
Lamb on barbecue, 1 portion 80,00 kn
Mixed meat, 1 portion - 80,00 kn
Pork chop, 1 portion – 60,00 kn
Veal filet, 1 portion – 80,00 kn
Chicken, 1 portion - 60,00 kn
Homemade sausages, 1 portion - 60,00 kn
Homemade red wine, 1l - 80,00 kn
Homemade white wine, 1l - 80,00 kn

Meat from under peka (roasted in an iron bell under live coal):

Lamb, 1,00 kg - 200,00 kn
Veal, 1,00 kg - 200,00 kn
Chicken, 1,00 kg - 150,00 kn
Pork, 1,00 kg - 160,00 kn
Grilled fish:
John Dory (Zeus faber), 1,00 kg - 400,00 kn
Dentex, Gilthead seabream, Sea bass, 1,00 kg – 300,00 kn
Squid, 1,00 kg - 250,00 kn
Prawns, 1,00 kg - 300,00 kn
Octopus from under peka, 1,00 kg - 150,00 kn
Mackerel, 1,00 kg - 200,00 kn