Valentino Michieli - Tomić
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Our Michieli-Tomić family is a noble family. It is one of the oldest nobel families on the island of Brač. We also have our own coat of arms. Warrior shield and the count crown originate from Venice, the eagle wing from Frankopans, and the arrow and the sward from the crusade.

Male side of the family is noble Michieli from a village near Venice, Italy, female side is noble Tomić family that left us in inheritance the 800 years old family house. Tomić family, noblemen and large estate owners, had a daughter who married a member of noble Michieli family and that is how the two families connected. It is the beginning of the noble Michieli-Tomić family.

Our family house, the house of noble Michieli-Tomić is situated in the center of the village, with all it's beauties of ancient times. From ancient times our ancesters were in wine and oil manufacturing. Great quantity of wine was manufactured so that, during the period of Austria-Hungary our wine was exported to Wienna.

Today, we continue our ancesters' tradition. So, in our konoba we continue to produce wine and oil, we do it by old fashioned means but in smaller quantities. We produce exactly that much to procure the family needs and those of the restaurant and the boarding-house that are part of our old family house and Tomić konoba.

As part of the konoba we developed a restaurant and rooms for bead and breakfast, that is for country tourism, where we offer our natural and homemade food and drinks (ecology). (See Eko-farms of the photo-gallery)

We are looking forward to Your visit so You could discover all natural and cultural beauties of the islad of Brač and enjoy yourself in our family house trying out our homemade specialties.

Michieli-Tomić family is expecting You most sincerely!